About us

Wood Group Mustang, established in 1987, is committed to the basis of our business - People Oriented... Project Driven™. Our people-oriented culture translates into highly effective teams with one of the industry’s lowest turnover rates. From concept to completion, our project-driven force achieves success on complex and high-profile projects, with no geographic or size restrictions.

Wood Group Mustang in Canada offers local knowledge and expertise in engineering, procurement and construction management throughout the project lifecycle. Aligning with Wood Group Mustang worldwide offices, we are a team of 8,000 professionals around the globe able to collaborate and provide cost efficient solutions with a focus on technical excellence.

Local and international expertise

We have intimate knowledge of our Canadian market and a strong presence in the energy sector. From cold-region pipeline projects and low-impact SAGD facilities to offshore environmental studies, we understand the opportunities and challenges native to this land. We are proud to play a role in the development of our resources, and especially value our opportunity to help take care of them for future generations.

For more than 25 years, Wood Group Mustang has been providing custom solutions through local offices with a global reach to international resources.