Project and service highlights

We have the experience and knowledge to achieve your project goals.

We work across a broad range of energy projects including thermal heavy oil, conventional oil and gas, pipelines, arctic and offshore, power and renewables. We maintain a talented work force, employing some of the key leaders in their respective fields.

Within the various project types we offer the following services: project management, construction management, engineering and design and procurement, as well as regulatory and environmental assessments. As a fully integrated multi-discipline organization, Wood Group Mustang offers a full spectrum of services for identifying, planning, and executing capital projects and optimizing existing assets. Our clients are routinely offered the flexibility to select and leverage all (or individual) professional services from the Wood Group Mustang portfolio, tailored to their specific needs and style. Wood Group Mustang provides services in various contractual formats to better meet client project objectives, to address client tolerance for risk, and to provide the client with flexibility for hands-on involvement in decision making.

Our Project Management results will meet your targets. And often exceed them.

We believe our project management performance is among the best in the industry. By implementing well-designed project management procedures with our state-of-the-art tools, we are able to consistently meet and exceed client targets in areas such as safety, regulatory, budget, scheduling, reliability and quality. Take the Primrose East Steam Plant project for example. The approach used for work packages set a new standard for both Wood Group Mustang and the client and contributed to a highly successful construction phase. Furthermore, this facility came in on budget and start-up was two weeks ahead of schedule. This kind of exceptional project delivery comes from our commitment to creating and refining our project management teams and their processes to best fit client requirements.

Construction management: getting you there safely, on time and on budget.

The Construction management Group at Wood Group Mustang is very experienced in plant expansion projects, planning and executing shutdowns and project tie-ins, grass roots projects and working in environmentally sensitive areas. This experience has led to successes such as the Orion thermal heavy oil project. Not only did this project come in on time and on budget, it did so during a period of unprecedented cost escalation and labor force challenges. Under these conditions, we were able to meet all our client's safety and quality goals. Our Construction management personnel are key members of our Project Management team, and we are able to build fit-for-purpose Construction management teams that have an in-depth understanding of our clients' objectives, project complexity and contract strategy.

We are innovative.

Wood Group Mustang is recognized for our experience and track-record in technical innovations. If something unprecedented needs to be engineered, we have the creative resources to accomplish it. Wood Group Mustang engineered and installed our industry's first NPS 32 steam pipeline, and we are working on our industry's first NPS 36 steam pipeline.

This land is our land. We are committed to taking care of it.

Wood Group Mustang is continually investigating new technologies, processes and practices to ensure projects incorporate the application of Best Available Control Technology (BACT), including the use of environmentally friendly technologies and processes. As well, Wood Group Mustang has experience in Life-Cycle Value Assessment (LCVA), a powerful tool that fosters life-cycle thinking including the environmental impacts of a project over the life of the facility.

We are working on a thermal heavy oil project with a client that uses a new technology not currently in use in the market. If successful, this project will reduce water consumption for the project by up to 90% and reduce CO2 emissions.