Construction management

Our local experience is bolstered by our large portfolio of diverse projects. Learn more about our construction management experience worldwide.

Construction management, as a key component of project management, is an important part of Wood Group Mustang's business. We provide the structure for building a fit-for-purpose construction management team to reflect client objectives, project complexity and contracting strategy.

Wood Group Mustang construction management provides teams who plan, inspect, supervise and provide commissioning support to ensure your project is a success. Drawing on years of construction management experience, we review each project for constructability in the early stages of FEED to identify areas or methods of design that can save time and money in construction and operations. Well-managed construction, in turn, leads to bringing projects in on schedule, on budget and, most importantly, safely and with minimal impact to the environment.

Our construction management team is very experienced in plant expansion projects, planning and executing shutdowns and project tie-ins, grass roots projects and working in environmentally sensitive areas. We also have hands-on experience in working with both non-unionized and unionized contractors.

Ways we can assist you include:

  • Providing constructability suggestions in the early phases of design
  • Supporting your project by contributing expertise on methods of construction and
  • Pulling together specialized groups of individuals to enhance and support your existing teams

Shell Orion - "Target Zero" safety record

Our team completed pre-FEED, FEED, detailed engineering and design, procurement, and construction for the Orion SAGD project in only 32 months, a record for SAGD developments in Alberta. The facility started up in September 2007, on time and on budget.

The project team made significant progress under a very aggressive timeframe. The percentage of re-work at site for Phase 1 was less than 2% and will be further reduced in Phase 2 by continuing to hold in-depth 3D model reviews during engineering and design.

Our construction team achieved Shell's "Target Zero" goal and exceeded 770,000 workhours on-site without a lost time accident (LTA). In total, the project exceeded over 1,100,000 workhours (on-site and home office) without an LTA.

Puguang facilities - international collaboration

In 2009, a construction management team from Wood Group Mustang completed a construction supervision consulting contract for the Puguang sour gas gathering and well site facilities. The project was located in southwest China in Xuanhaun County near Dazhou City in Sichuan Province. The scope of work included review and commentary on local construction/installation procedures and methods for their sour gas pipelines as compared to Canadian standards, which are recognized as some of the best in the world.

The project included over 18 km of 508 mm line,18 well sites, 39 wells and a purification plant with H2S content of 15% and CO2 content of 8%.

Primrose North - creative management

Wood Group Mustang provided engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) services along with commissioning and start-up for the Primrose North remote steam plant, well pads and pipelines. The project was managed as three separate projects, each with its own project manager and team of engineers and designers. The three teams were then coordinated by a project sponsor. All projects were started on time, and under budget.

The execution strategy included managing the project as a fully integrated EPCM with four separate areas: plant, pads, production pipelines and interconnecting pipelines, each with its own engineering team and its own budget. This strategy made the project more flexible and easy to manage.

Leismer SAGD project - leveraging the seasons

The Leismer project consisted of building a 20,000 bopd plant with a 40,000 bopd infrastructure. The challenges of a remote site, heavy summer rains and a bitterly cold winter in the first year of construction were met head on by our construction management team. Negotiating deals with commercial tent suppliers to fabricate portable tents to enclose entire building sites allowed for winter construction and provided additional workplaces, ensuring contractor productivity was maximized. By providing adequate lay down space, modules and equipment skids were moved in and set on cans until the areas in which they were required were ready. This proactive strategy reduced trucking costs, allowing heavier loads to be transported on the frozen winter roads. It also avoided schedule delays by having the skids onsite when they were needed.

The construction management team also managed the onsite equipment rental. A major rental company supplied light towers, light compaction equipment, pumps and various other tools. Our equipment manager coordinated all onsite contractors for equipment usage, ensuring there were no conflicts and that equipment utilization was maximized. All crane management was handled by our construction management team in a similar manner.