Pipelines experience

More Engineering firsts

Our local experience is bolstered by our large portfolio of diverse projects. Learn more about our pipelines experience worldwide.

Wood Group Mustang is recognized for our experience in pipeline engineering and our track record of technical innovations. Wood Group Mustang engineered and installed our industry's first 32 inch NPS steam pipeline (CSA grade 550 DSAW - double submerged arc welded; 813 mm OD x 17.5 mm WT; 11 MPa @ 344 C; 8500 m long) and our industry's first 24 inch NPS steam distribution pipeline (CSA grade 550 DSAW; 610mm OD x 25.4mm WT; 17.2 MPa @ 354 C; 17000 m long). Building on these achievements, Wood Group Mustang also investigated the use of a 36 inch double-submerged arc-welded (DSAW) steam distribution pipeline for one of our key clients.

Another achievement for Wood Group Mustang was the successful design and installation of a high temperature 24 inch boiler feed water pipeline, operating at 105 C. It was engineered to be built and installed in-ground at 20 C, while accommodating its associated expansion at operating temperatures without overstressing the pipe. Based on this success, we then worked with vendors to design and install a buried pipeline operating at 150 C.

Our pipeline engineering group is also well-versed in pipelining in difficult environments, including areas of close to 100% muskeg and areas with both continuous and discontinuous permafrost. Wood Group Mustang's experience with pipeline projects built in the challenging terrain of northern Alberta is in excess of 500km of 12 inch and larger pipelines. We also have extensive experience in the installation of tight-liners and free-standing plastic and composite liners in existing pipelines for remediation and corrosion inhibition. Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and pipelining in mountainous terrain and environmentally sensitive regions round out our pipelining experience.

Surface facilities to support pipeline infrastructure

We are involved in an expansion project that includes seven new or expanded crude oil pump stations and facilities for a major client in southern Saskatchewan. Wood Group Mustang's Small Projects Group provided project management, detailed engineering and design and procurement services for the project. Cost control involved monitoring and coordinating of seven separate project AFE's and multiple cost centers.

A budget and schedule were presented to the client at the onset of the project and a formal scope change procedure established. Wood Group Mustang closely monitored the progress of the project, providing reports to the client to ensure project deliverables remained on track. Our team also worked with the client's technical specialists in Edmonton and Saskatchewan to update engineering specifications and standards and to ensure proper facility integration with an operations engineering team in Estevan, SK.

KAM pipeline and terminal in Kazakhstan

Among our international endeavors, Wood Group Mustang provided engineering services to a PetroKazakhstan for a major pipeline in the Republic of Kazakhstan. We provided project management, detailed engineering and design for 165 km of NPS 12 and 16 inch pipelines delivering 125,000 bopd of medium crude to a rail loading rack. The project also included a tank terminal, two pump stations and a power generation and control system.

Field facilities for Thermal heavy oil

Foster Creek is an existing steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) thermal heavy oil facility. As one of our key client's primary development areas, capacity is being increased in stages in a well-planned and steady manner. Wood Group Mustang is responsible for detailed engineering and procurement for production pads, pipelines and earthworks for pads and roads. Templated modules are to be used for the next 40 pads and are pre-engineered to be reused in various configurations on future pads without modifications.

Future expansion will encompass earthworks, pipelines and pad interconnects. Wood Group Mustang also sourced and negotiated the supply of 32 inch double submerged arc welded (DSAW) pipe for new steam line to support pad expansions and a new 36 inch DSAW steam line was designed to support additional well pads. The 36 inch steam line was commissioned in late 2009 and has been providing steam to three new pads. Four more pads are to be developed in 2010. We expect to provide EPCM support for two to four pads per year, plus pipelines and related facilities, as new pads are built to replace depleted sections of the reservoir and new capacity is added at the main plant.

Achievements, accomplishments and innovations:

  • Steam pipeline 32 inch NPS 17mm X80, 8500m long
  • Steam pipeline 36 inch NPS, 7600m long
  • 74 km of 6 inch, 8 inch fuel gas lines
  • 37 km of 24 inch oil emulsion lines
  • 41 km of 6 inch produced water lines

Challenges and demands of the project:

  • Pipeline construction to be completed within 4 months (winter only construction due to muskeg conditions)
  • Pipeline designed and constructed over areas greater than 3 m of muskeg

Primrose area pipeline projects

In the Primrose area of Alberta, Wood Group Mustang has provided conceptual design, FEED and full EPCM for numerous pipeline projects, including 166 km of aboveground pipelines up to NPS 30, 64 km of buried high temperature pipelines up to NPS 24.