Project performance

Quality assurance

Our local experience is bolstered by our large portfolio of diverse projects. Learn more about our project performance experience worldwide.

Wood Group Mustang supports project teams in adopting project-specific quality targets that reflect project complexity and risk management levels. Our ISO 9001:Z008 registered Quality Management System (QMS) ensures these targets, or minimum standards in the absence of project-specific targets, are consistently met on all projects. The QMS is comprised of three main elements: the Quality Policy Statement, the Quality Policy Manual, and operating procedures in the form of our Project Execution Model (PEM). As well, each project execution plan (PEP) must include a quality performance plan (QPP) describing the quality objectives of the project, procedures that will be employed and the roles and responsibilities of the project team members. Quality planning, program orientations, performance feedback and audits of project operations are an integral part of our project execution.

Performance feedback

The Performance Feedback Program was created to help Wood Group Mustang achieve client satisfaction through proactive solicitation and response to their expectations, concerns, and issues. The structure of the program is to first identify performance-related client expectations, including any preferences, protocols and "soft" areas, intangibles or objectives not stated in the contract or project scope, and then following up over the duration of the project with Performance Feedback Surveys. From these surveys, we develop action plans to enhance excellent performance, close gaps and address issues and concerns. Our clients are involved in this program from start to finish.