Health, Safety, Security and Environment

Because lives depend on it

Safety and Assurance, one of our core values, is more than a mindset; it’s a way of life.

Backed by strong support from executive leadership, Wood Group Mustang continuously seeks to create a safe and secure working environment for all staff worldwide. Our commitment to safety extends to our clients, partner and vendors both inside and outside the workplace. While we pride ourselves on achieving numerous project safety awards, our people make the difference.

Our project teams employ the latest in risk assessment techniques to mitigate or eliminate human exposure to hazardous conditions as they work towards the goal of zero incidents with every project. Key consideration is always to reduce environmental impact while adhering to regulatory laws.

Wood Group Mustang’s extensive safety program ranges from behavioural-based programs to industry leading safety technical safety functionality. Whether in the concept, front-end engineering and design, detailed engineering or construction phase of the project, safety is always top priority. Safety is an inherent part of everything we do at Wood Group Mustang.