Health, safety, security and environment policy

Wood Group Mustang is committed to delivering the highest standards in health, safety, security and environmental performance. This policy statement defines our commitments to our employees, clients, partners, the public and shareholders.

We deliver operations and services in ways that:

  • Protect the health of all people impacted by the work that we do
  • Prevent incidents and injuries, with a focus on integrity and the mitigation of major hazards
  • Minimize adverse environmental impact, use resources efficiently and manage our carbon footprint

We achieve this standard by:

  • Ensuring our leaders at all levels place health, safety, security and environment at the top of their agenda
  • Identifying, mitigating and controlling risks
  • Establishing clear objectives and measuring our performance against them
  • Understanding and ensuring we comply with legislative and industry requirements
  • Ensuring those who work with us meet our standards
  • Communicating health, safety and environment concerns with transparency

We regularly monitor the application of these commitments to ensure we are delivering continuous improvement.

Leadership in health, safety, security and environmental performance is a business fundamental for Wood Group Mustang and our management is fully committed to achieving the high standards set by Wood Group.